September 21, 2011

What about a dog spa?

Who would say no to a day spent in an aromatherapy spa, enjoying a facial treatment and a soothing bubble bath?

This does sound like the perfect gift you can give any of your friends –they would certainly love you for it!

So, why not offer your very best friend the possibility to enjoy this luxurious escapade? Yes, I am definitely talking about your dog!

Thanks to A Dog’s Dream Doggy Day Spa, canines weighing less than 30 pounds can now enjoy a day at a spa center specifically planned for them at a very convenient price.

This new Doggy Spa which located at Pittsford’s Monroe Avenue is a combination of a day care center and a spa and boutique, offering a wide variety of fancy stuff for canines, ranging from doggy wines and doggy beer to nail polish and grooming.

And the best things is you can check up on your own dog while it is being cuddled by using a tiny camera!

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