September 28, 2011

Making holistic medicine known around the world

I recently read an article about a new attempt at letting people know about the many benefits of holistic medicine.

This time it is a woman, Lu Pierro of Union Township (Hunterdon County) who came up with the innovative idea of asking holistic health practitioners all around the world to devote one day (this day being October 2nd) to teaching and demonstrating their art.

She has called this project "Worldwide Holistic Day", and her idea is to turn it into a yearly event. One of the ways she plans to spread the news is obviously by using the Internet, which I believe is one of the most effective techniques used nowadays to let masses know about an event.

Some people may believe that her idea is a bit far-fetched –some have gone as far as to name her project “the Woodstock of holistic events”. I on the other hand think that, if practitioners agree to take part in it, the project will be highly successful.

Lu Pierro is planning to set the example by giving some Reiki lessons for free. Bearing in mind that Reiki is considered worldwide as a healing system that works on the body’s energy centers, I would really love to be able to take part in one of her classes.

There will be open houses at various Wellness Centers around the world, as well as various instructive classes, such as yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and the like. Also practitioners will talk about the benefits of holistic food and different relaxation techniques. You should make sure to take advantage of one of these if you are suffering from stress –something unfortunately typical these days.

Something that really interested me is the fact that Lu Pierro describes holistic medicine as a complement to modern medicine –not just as something that threatens to replace it. Focusing on the mind rather than on the actual body, the goal of holistic treatments is to engage patients in healing themselves.

I do believe that it is essential to hold on to something and keep your levels of optimism high when you are sick and want to get better, and it is my impression that holistic medicine can be instrumental in this.

Do you wonder where Pierro got her ideas from? What actually inspired her were all those people affected by world disasters (such as the earthquake in Chile). As holistic therapies focus on the reduction of suffering, she believes that they can be fully instrumental in times of crisis. I have to admit that I agree with her 100%.

Pierro’s website is Make sure to have a look at it if you want to get informed about this amazing event.

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