August 30, 2011

DIY Insect Repellent

An insect repellent is a substance used to avoid insects from coming in contact with your skin, clothes or wherever applied.

There is a good number of insect repellents available in the market but if your skin is sensitive and you cannot afford it to come in contact with chemicals you always have the option of using natural insect repellent.

These natural insect repellents are none other than essential oils so with the correct knowledge of these oils you can even make them at home.

Annie B. Bond is known as a herbalist and essential oil specialist. Some of the Annie’s easy recipes for insect repellents include repellent soap. You can make it in a few minutes at home.

Insect Repellents Soap

Mix 10-15 drops of essential oils with one ounce of liquid castile soap and add essential oils like lemon balm, lavender, rose geranium, and pennyroyal. And your insect repellent soap is ready for use. To avoid ticks you can use essential oils to mix in fruit or nut oil. Use the amount in drops and to the extent that you can easily tolerate.

Insect Repellent Liquid

Add 25 drops of essential oil (mentioned above) in apple cedar vinegar juice. Or you can simply add ¼ cup water instead. Your own home made repellant is ready and you can apply it on your clothes or skin.

You can always use natural repellents to take care of your sensitive skin and do not let it get allergic.

August 28, 2011

Using Aromatherapy in Animals

It is observed that Aromatherapy is not unknown to animals and birds. Animals do not use soaps, sprays or extracted oils but they can be observed using natural remedies as herbs in their nests, foods and to cure their diseases.


Some birds are known to use oils and herbs as pesticides in order to protect their young ones from pests and other insects.

For example, a lot of birds use yarrow in their nests to protect them from parasites. This plant is highly volatile and is a natural pest repellent. In an experiment yarrow was supplemented to a tree and the observed result was surprising enough to reduce more than 50% of flees.

As another example, a bird named blue tits is observed to bring some herbs to their nests. It is perhaps the possible protection from mosquitoes that are present in Corsica in great number and can be malarial vector. When studied in laboratories, the scientist found out that the combination of these herbs was much more effective than any of them used alone.


Besides birds, insects too utilize the effects of aromatherapy in their lives. Wood ants use solidified conifer resin in their nests. These resins are hard enough to make good building structures for ants.

Wood ants find this resin due to its scent and utilize it effectively in building their nests. The resin is thought to be a great repellent not only for bacteria and fungi but also for harmful parasites.

Animals and birds not being able to consult doctors follow a better and more effective treatment scheme. Following their natural instincts animals have always proven to have a very good sense of living their lives.

Using aromatherapy in animal quickly convinces one about the benefit of essential oils. More >>> Aromatherapy for Pet


August 26, 2011

Aromatherapy T spheres: the answer to all your stress problems!

Rock stars have become role models for many people: famous, glamorous and attractive, they receive VIP treatment wherever they go.

However not everything in their lives is as good as it sounds. Being constantly in the limelight can be –and most certainly is- highly exhausting. How do all these celebrities relax after a stressful routine?

T-sphere massage balls are the answer to this. These are simple small balls holding different aromatherapy oils within them.

Stephanie Whittier, creator of these small miracles, claims that these oils are the key to relieving pain and soreness and providing relaxation.

They can be bought in pouches containing two balls each, and there is a vast array of aromas, ranging from Pep-Up-Mint to rose geranium, each of them having of course different therapeutic characteristics, such as purifying, detoxifying, calming, stimulating, you name it! There is just aroma to satisfy your every need.

T spheres are very easy to use –you can actually massage yourself with them, without the need of a masseuse or an expensive, time consuming trip to the spa.

You can even carry them with you in your bag everywhere you go. You just need to take a couple of minutes off your routine to use them. Sounds too good to be true? Wanna know how this can be achieved?

Here are some tips on how to use them:

Soothing foot massage

Place a massage ball under the ball of your foot, gently applying pressure and breathing deeply at the same time.

Open and close your toes, and release the pressure after this.

Repeat this movement this time adding a side to side and back and forth movement under the foot, increasing the pressure little by little.

Sit down and move the sphere to under the arc of your foot, press your body weight into your leg to release the oils. Close your eyes and relax!

Reduce your stress by means of aromatherapy t spheres

Simply roll the t spheres gently across your chest and forehead to release tension –you will see this works miracles!

One extra tip: herbal tea is the perfect complement during a relaxing massage. Have some hot infusion ready whenever you decide to take a couple of minutes off to try out t spheres.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, go ahead and try this new method out, you will most certainly not regret it!

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August 24, 2011

Aromatherapy for ADHD

What is ADHD?

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is commonly diagnosed in children and young age.

This disorder, as the name suggests, creates hyperactivity, impulsiveness or shortens the attention span of the child.

The child may start to get impatient while working. He may not be able to concentrate on something for a long period of time.

ADHD is more common in young boys as compared to girls. It can be congenital but there is no significant study for what actually causes the disorder. Anyone can be a victim of this disorder.

Although ADHD can be cured with the behavior therapy and some drugs but these can only cure the symptoms and if the family of the child is not supportive enough, chances of relapse are high.

Aromatherapy Research for ADHD

However, a study done by Dr. Terry Friedmann in two years (1999-2001) has given hope to the parents of those suffering from ADHD.

Dr. Friedmann is a noted researcher in the study of essential oils and therapies done by them.

The research conducted by Dr. Friedmann shows that this disorder can be cured by use of essential oils including Lavender, Cedar wood and Vetiver.

With Vetiver being best for the treatment, it has given 100% results in the study.

During the study, children with ADHD disorder were prescribed to inhale these essential oils three times a day and arrangements were made for continuous inhalation at night.

This experiment was carried out in a 30 day period and it gave unbelievable results. Pattern of brain waves were detected to come to normal and the performance of children improved in their school and other daily activities.

Essential oils have always been of a great interest for people to cure diseases for which there is no known treatment in medical science. The treatment done by them is not so time consuming as they get to the brain very fast and work quickly. If one of your children has ADHD, there is now hope for him.

August 3, 2011

The Amazing Benefits of Apricot Oil

Apricot is a fruit that is in season nowadays and has two varieties which include a cream colored and soft golden yellow or pink that both makes a great tasting snack or dessert. Under the family of peaches, apricots are generally small fruits with velvet skin and flesh. It is not too juicy but definitely sweet and smooth and tastes somewhat in between peach and plum.

A lot of us are fond of eating this delicious and nutritious fruit but some people do not know that its core also has valuable properties that can produce essential oils.

Apricot is known to have the best essential oil used for skin treatment. The oil from the apricot’s kernel can be extracted through cold pressure and it is refined from the dried kernels of the fruit.

It has a light color and a pleasant nutty smell and can be manufactured into cosmetics, lotions, balms and creams. And also it can be used for a variety of conditions because of its numerous therapeutic properties.

The oil extracted from the kernel is considered one of the by products of the apricot and known for its healing properties.

The apricot is rich with natural vitamins such as vitamins A and E for the skin, oleic, linoleic, essential fatty acids, minerals and other nutrients.

The oil has two great benefits: first is that, it is absorbed by the skin leaving no traces or an oily feel and second, it cannot cause allergic reactions even if you have the most sensitive skin. More benefits include nourishing, moisturizing, soothing your skin as well as cooling, anti – inflammatory and other properties.

Different from other essential oils, the apricot has a fine textured oil without any aroma and it is best to be used on the skin during massage therapy.

It is highly recommended to those who have sensitive, dry and prematurely aged skin.

A regular massage or face mask using apricot kernel oil can moisturize, refresh and revitalize your skin keeping it firmer, lighter and more elastic, preventing irritation and stimulating blood flow.

This is indeed a miracle fruit that contains everything you need for both health and vitality. It is always best to take this fruit and use its oil often to help maintain your body’s wellness and give you enough defenses from getting sick. Taking advantage from the benefits of this fruit regularly is the best way to achieve a young and youthful body both inside and out.

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Fire Service Alerts Combustion of Essential Oil

The Fire & Rescue Service of Wiltshire warned about the risk of fire breakout in linen and towels that has absorbed essential oils.

In most cases, the recent incidents that already reached half a dozen in homes, salons and launderettes have been traced down to this related issue.

The problem took place as the wash cycle was set at a cool heat while the oil was not removed from the textile properly.

As the material is heated in the tumble dryer its residue can self – combusted in the dryer or as the linen is stacked.

Julian Parsons, group manager of the technical fire safety department stated that, “We have a simple message – if you are using essential oils in your home or business, you need to make sure that you are using a wash temperature of at least 40 degrees in cleaning your soiled linen and towels. It’s difficult to believe that fire breakout can take place in piles of fabric but we have seen the great damage brought about by this type of conflagration.
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