May 23, 2009

Aromatherapy Hydrosol

Hydrosols are good to utilize for aromatherapy due to the fact that hydrosols are often more gentle than regular essential oils. They are less concentrated, can be used undiluted and used in a much more liberal fashion.

Hydrosols can also be used in products such as body, splashes, sprays, facial toners, and facial masks.There are definitely some things that Hydrosols are not infusions, tap or spring water with essential oils added, herb teas, decorations, macerations, or tinctures.

Suzanne Catty in her book, Hydrosol for Aromatherapy, addresses many of the various applications and potential uses for hydrosols. She equates hydrosols to homeopathic substances. Also addressed in her book were the vast knowledge gained through years of experimenting with the use of hydrosols. Suzanne Catty also discusses her analysis of the various properties, production of hydrosol, as well as sharing numerous recipes that she created for treating a multitude of diseases.

A quick overview about Aromatherapy Hydrosol

May 18, 2009

Make Your Own Essential Oils vs. Buying Online

While the thought of buying essential oils can be quite tempting in the increasingly fast paced world we live in, convenience is not always the best route to take. One of the viable alternatives to buying ready to use essential oils online is making your own essential oils.

The process of make your own essential oils is not nearly as complicated as one might think.

You will first want to gather some basic necessary supplies and ingredients such as dried herbs, an unbleached cheese cloth, tight fitting lid jar, Olive oil and a dark glass bottle for the result.

Some of convincing points to make your own essential oils are:

1. There are fun to do
2. the purity of oils derived from making your own,
3. being able to make your own variations
4. saving a great deal of money by not having to spend any on not only the actual essential oils.

The exhorbitant cost that can add up in having the oils shipped to your home is also avoided.

There are only a few points on the side of the cons involved in making your own essential oils. These include the loss of convenience, time lost in having to spend time making your own, having less storage space in your cabinets due to utilizing big mason jars, as well as the financial expense of having to set up with all of the necessary supplies that you needed in order to be making your own essential oils at home.

As you can very easily see, the arguments on the side of the pros involved with making your own essential oils far outweigh the points made on the side of the cons involved with doing so. If you still decide to make your own essential oils then please feel welcome to further learn about the step by step instructions of how to make essential oils by yourself
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