September 9, 2011

How to use aromatherapy to influence the way you feel

People tend to associate certain smells with experiences they have had throughout their lives. Some specific odors have the capacity to elicit memories from the past, be they good or bad.

It is very common to hear women refer to some smells that made them feel nauseous during their pregnancy as still arising similar feelings –even though they are no longer pregnant.

Likewise, a positive experience from the past –such as a wedding, a party or a trip- can be brought back to the present by smelling an odor which was present during that event.

Psychologists and psychiatrists can –and some most certainly do- also take advantage of this strong bond, in that they can help their patients recall specific memories or events by using aromas that have a strong connection to these episodes.

Some experiments have been carried out in which the professional "trains" the patient to experience a specific feeling by linking this feeling with an aroma, in this way conditioning the patient to elicit this state at their will.

People can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home without the need of professional training; it is just important to bear some issues in mind so as to avoid having a negative experience.

Above all it is essential to choose natural substances rather than synthetic ones, which can even have a toxic effect. Then it would help to try and identify which odors are related to nice, soothing experiences in your life, and also which ones could bring about negative memories, so as to favor the former and avoid the latter.

There is a vast array of aromas to choose from, ranging from flowers to plants, herbs or even food. Which odors will do the trick is of course very personal, you should take your time to smell and let your feelings do the work.

Essential oils are one of the most effective tools aromatherapy uses in that they are highly concentrated, thus just a tiny quantity is required to obtain the necessary results.

They can be applied to many different uses, the most common one being diffusing them; however, they make the perfect complement in a massage or a hot bath.

Aromatherapy has been experiencing a constant growth in the last few years as people become knowledgeable about its many benefits and the simple way in which it can be applied.

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