September 15, 2011

A healthier way to reverse Type 2 Diabetes

What is Diabetes Type 2?

Regarding type 2 diabetes two major organs are involved: the liver and the pancreas. These are the two organs that need to be healed in order for the diabetes to be reversed.

Traditional medicine makes use of prescribed drugs, such as Glucaphage and Metformin, to try and heal this disease.

However, all these drugs do is mask type 2 diabetes. There is a much more natural and healthier way to successfully heal the pancreas and liver: by means of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

There are actually 3 different Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which have been proven to successfully treat Type 2 Diabetes in a large group of patients.

These Essential Oils do not damage your organs, nor do they cause adverse reactions such as diarrhoea, vomiting, drowsiness, abdominal pain (just to mention some of the typical harsh reactions experienced when taking prescribed chemical medicines). On the contrary: not only are they helpful in healing your damaged organs, they are known to do that without causing you any harm.

Ocotea essential oil from young living is extracted from the Ocotea tree (actually it is contained in the plant’s stem and leaves) in Ecuador. This essential oil is known to have the highest level of alpha-humulene (higher even than the levels found in copaiba); alpha-humulene successfully balances the body’s internal response to irritation. Ocotea also has Eucalyptol (which works on the lungs).

Among its advantages, Ocotea can successfully balance the pancreatic and liver enzymes, thus being a wonderful solution to diabetes. The recommended dose is 1 to 3 drops of Ocotea under the tongue 3 times a day: it has been proven to reduce glucose levels, making them drop to up to 30 points in an amazingly short time. How does it work? By lowering cortisol, which in turn lowers insulin.

Dr. Jed Adamson tested Ocotea, and some of his investigation was actually videotaped. One of his most impressive achievements was the drastic reversal of the disease in a patient who was suffering from diabetes’ most upsetting symptoms, such as cold feet, low energy and, of course, high blood sugar. After taking Ocotea for a week, his blood sugar went from 330 to 212, and then down to 140 (the normal level being 150). Absolutely impressive!

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