September 4, 2011

Need to calm your kids during the storm? Try aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy has been recently discovered that, among its many uses, it can be highly effective in helping people who are afraid of storms, especially kids.

Extreme weather conditions can be a cause of great fear among little ones, and sometimes they get so scared they are very hard to soothe. Even if the storm is not a dangerous one it can cause severe emotional strain, which for little kids could be very stressful.

Essential oils have been proved to be of help in coping with emotional stress. Indeed some of them are often prescribed to people who need to calm their nervous system, because they can promote relaxation and soothing. Among these, the most common ones are tangerine, orange and lavender essential oils.

How to use this oil?

Just drop a few drops of oil into your hands and rub them together in a clockwise fashion.
It is also recommended to take a couple of deep breaths to inhale the oil.

Another possibility is to apply some drops of the essential oil on the soles of your feet and rub them with your hand.

Those above oils also works for scared dogs as well. A light brush over their coats with oil infused hands will definitely make them feel better.

So don’t forget to have some essential oils at hand should you learn that a storm is approaching!

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