August 28, 2011

Using Aromatherapy in Animals

It is observed that Aromatherapy is not unknown to animals and birds. Animals do not use soaps, sprays or extracted oils but they can be observed using natural remedies as herbs in their nests, foods and to cure their diseases.


Some birds are known to use oils and herbs as pesticides in order to protect their young ones from pests and other insects.

For example, a lot of birds use yarrow in their nests to protect them from parasites. This plant is highly volatile and is a natural pest repellent. In an experiment yarrow was supplemented to a tree and the observed result was surprising enough to reduce more than 50% of flees.

As another example, a bird named blue tits is observed to bring some herbs to their nests. It is perhaps the possible protection from mosquitoes that are present in Corsica in great number and can be malarial vector. When studied in laboratories, the scientist found out that the combination of these herbs was much more effective than any of them used alone.


Besides birds, insects too utilize the effects of aromatherapy in their lives. Wood ants use solidified conifer resin in their nests. These resins are hard enough to make good building structures for ants.

Wood ants find this resin due to its scent and utilize it effectively in building their nests. The resin is thought to be a great repellent not only for bacteria and fungi but also for harmful parasites.

Animals and birds not being able to consult doctors follow a better and more effective treatment scheme. Following their natural instincts animals have always proven to have a very good sense of living their lives.

Using aromatherapy in animal quickly convinces one about the benefit of essential oils. More >>> Aromatherapy for Pet


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