August 3, 2011

Fire Service Alerts Combustion of Essential Oil

The Fire & Rescue Service of Wiltshire warned about the risk of fire breakout in linen and towels that has absorbed essential oils.

In most cases, the recent incidents that already reached half a dozen in homes, salons and launderettes have been traced down to this related issue.

The problem took place as the wash cycle was set at a cool heat while the oil was not removed from the textile properly.

As the material is heated in the tumble dryer its residue can self – combusted in the dryer or as the linen is stacked.

Julian Parsons, group manager of the technical fire safety department stated that, “We have a simple message – if you are using essential oils in your home or business, you need to make sure that you are using a wash temperature of at least 40 degrees in cleaning your soiled linen and towels. It’s difficult to believe that fire breakout can take place in piles of fabric but we have seen the great damage brought about by this type of conflagration.

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