August 3, 2011

The Amazing Benefits of Apricot Oil

Apricot is a fruit that is in season nowadays and has two varieties which include a cream colored and soft golden yellow or pink that both makes a great tasting snack or dessert. Under the family of peaches, apricots are generally small fruits with velvet skin and flesh. It is not too juicy but definitely sweet and smooth and tastes somewhat in between peach and plum.

A lot of us are fond of eating this delicious and nutritious fruit but some people do not know that its core also has valuable properties that can produce essential oils.

Apricot is known to have the best essential oil used for skin treatment. The oil from the apricot’s kernel can be extracted through cold pressure and it is refined from the dried kernels of the fruit.

It has a light color and a pleasant nutty smell and can be manufactured into cosmetics, lotions, balms and creams. And also it can be used for a variety of conditions because of its numerous therapeutic properties.

The oil extracted from the kernel is considered one of the by products of the apricot and known for its healing properties.

The apricot is rich with natural vitamins such as vitamins A and E for the skin, oleic, linoleic, essential fatty acids, minerals and other nutrients.

The oil has two great benefits: first is that, it is absorbed by the skin leaving no traces or an oily feel and second, it cannot cause allergic reactions even if you have the most sensitive skin. More benefits include nourishing, moisturizing, soothing your skin as well as cooling, anti – inflammatory and other properties.

Different from other essential oils, the apricot has a fine textured oil without any aroma and it is best to be used on the skin during massage therapy.

It is highly recommended to those who have sensitive, dry and prematurely aged skin.

A regular massage or face mask using apricot kernel oil can moisturize, refresh and revitalize your skin keeping it firmer, lighter and more elastic, preventing irritation and stimulating blood flow.

This is indeed a miracle fruit that contains everything you need for both health and vitality. It is always best to take this fruit and use its oil often to help maintain your body’s wellness and give you enough defenses from getting sick. Taking advantage from the benefits of this fruit regularly is the best way to achieve a young and youthful body both inside and out.

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  1. We don't have apricot in my country but sometimes it is one of the component facial creams. Thank you for sharing the the amazing benefits of Apricot. I think I'm gonna continue using creams with apricot.

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