March 20, 2011

Inhalation aromatherapy in children and adolescents undergoing stem cell infusion

The power of herbs and essential oils to travel through the blood stream in order to react with the hormones and enzymes gives birth to another healing process called Aromatherapy.

We all have heard a lot about the Stem cell transplantation used for treatments of various blood disorders. The exquisite property of SCT also makes it useful for treating some cancers when the bone marrow of the patient is destroyed because of the high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

What are stem cells?

These are unspecialized cells from which other multiple specialized cells can be derived.

Origination of stem cells:

Stem cells used can be one’s own cell or donors. Best stem cells are found in embryos and fetuses which withstand transplantation unlike those derived from child and adults.

Precautions for SCT:

• Stem cells derived from one’s own should be collected before chemotherapy or radiation
• Risk of infection if WBC is destroyed or reduced in number by radiation

Alternative therapy:

Stem cell transplantation is often seen as a life saving attempt but it is discommode as well, thus comes aromatherapy. It seems to be catching importance in every field. It has now attempted to rejuvenate and heal cancer by pairing up with SCT. Its healing, calming and energizing compound makes it an excellent healer. A trail project was conducted to evaluate the respiratory administration of bergamot essential oil on the anxiety, nausea, and pain.

Sample size: 37 patients with malignant and non-malignant disorders undergoing stem cell infusion and their parents were chosen as samples.

Sampling technique: Random sampling method chosen to select the samples.


One hour post-infusion:
• Greater anxiety and nausea observed amongst children and adolescent
• No pain felt in both groups
• Anxiety declined amongst parents but failed to reach statistical value


• Transitory anxiety predicted in Child’s monitoring coping style

Last words:

Though the test or the trial was not very successful in fighting the anxiety, nausea or pain, it provided a very concrete first of its kind experiment rather than the usual descriptive report of testing. But the future test may explore the cutaneous applications of essential oils via massage and psycho educational counseling among parents with better anxiety level and patients with more info seeking copying styles during SCT.

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