March 20, 2011

Helping Heroes by Aromatherapy!!!

The UAE, not the beautiful Middle East Asian city we are talking about here, it stands for United Aromatherapy Effort. It is a specialized non-profit organization born out of September 11 tragedy in USA. The Organization is booked under 501(c) (3), and helps the relief workers and soldiers/ troops during emergencies and later on. All the remuneration received by them is collected and distributed to all those who are affected by the war or disaster in the way of chair massages and natural therapies.

The strong work done by the organization includes the tragedy under World Trade Center (2001), Florida Hurricanes of 2004, The Katrina and Rita hurricane hit coastal areas in 2005-06, California wildfires in 2007-08 and the Gulf Coast Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. And if this is not enough, the most recent help was done in 2009 for the military personal both at home in abroad at Afghanistan with wellness therapies and aromatherapy.

Different ways of helping:

1) Pledging a product by donating money for every unit sold.
2) Buying or directly donating aromatherapy products for the relief workers/soldiers.
3) Also products which can be useful for the emergency hit people can be donated.
4) Fire stations can be adopted thus helping them provide supplies of aromatherapy supply.

Their affiliation:

The organization’s good intentions can be clearly seen by the affiliation it holds with different NGO and private org. They are connected with Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, Carolina Emergency Response Team, Florida Immediate Response Stress Team, Response Emergency Stress Team of Alaska, Response Emergency Stress Team of United Kingdom and Safe Horizon.

Latest Work:

Every time the needy are required to be helped, the UAE comes with a unique way of helping them. The latest of this is for the soldiers in Afghanistan.
The team is trying to contact all the soldiers who are in need or can help the needy soldiers there. What they need to do is just mail the team with their details and the requirement. The UAE team will be ready with the aromatic supplies. Their motto for this work say’s it all, "We serve because you do....until you all come home".
The team was started because of 9/11 event, but has managed to be a source of support for many other disasters/ wars which have affected millions in the World. And without a doubt, it will stand for long and help all for many more years ahead.

click here to know about this organization or perhaps a little donation?

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