March 17, 2011

Advanced Graduate Program (10-day chemsitry course) March and April

Have you ever heard of fun with Chemistry? I know to most of them chemistry sounds like colorful liquids in boiling point. How about making wonders with essential oils! This professional program will give you a complete insight to the chemistry, aroma and therapeutic uses of over 30 unique essential oils and more than 25 specific essential oil components, their structures, and therapeutic behaviors. Sounds like a MAGIC! Right? This workshop could be fun learning as you would get to experiment your ideas and blend your knowledge of aromatherapy to give birth to a new technique.

Eligibility criteria:

Certified Aroma-therapists or equivalent training who have an existing base of essential oils, medicinal blending and essential oil chemistry should opt for this course. A foundation is essential for detailed understanding of chemistry which would be taught in the class.


This program is taking place in two different locations in order to cover maximum crowd possible. This is taking place in Sarasota, Florida and Ithaca, NY for over a period of 5 days.


• This 400-hour Scholar’s Program is an Alliance of International Aroma-therapists (AIA) approved program.
• This program is also approved in Florida by 70 Massage CEU’s and Nationally for 70 CEU’s.
At the end of the program, you will carry:
• Products worth $400 like body butters, essential oil inhalers, steam blends, bath salts, lotions, etc.
• One year free access to advanced database of research components and properties of essential oil worth $500.
• A 250 page manual.
• In depth knowledge on various Aromatherapy organizations and journals.
• Practical exposure to the use of 100 different therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Program overview:

• Detailed review of the chemical families.
• Advance study of the structures and behavior of the essential oils.
• Detail insight to the essential oils grown in different parts of the world like India, Madagascar, Nepal, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Canada, etc.
• Research on the genes, Species and Chemotype of individual oil components.
• 10 case studies to enrich your knowledge.

Upcoming classes:

The classes are held in three sessions to cater to the feasibility and availability of the students interested in enrolling for the same.
• Mar 23-27, 2011 - 125 hours | Cost: $1,450 |
• Aug 24-28, 2011 - 125 hours | Cost: $1,450 |
• Mar 14-18, 2012 - 125 hours | Cost: $1,450 |


Andrea Butje, is a Clinical Aromatherapy Expert who is an author, instructor and a business owner. She owns a blog on essential oils and an educational newsletter called Essential News. She will be heading this program with her expertise.

Tuition Fee:

This Institute offers flexible mode of payment i.e. one can pay full amount ($1450) or a payment plan is also available for students. An initial deposit of $350 is a must to register for the course. The balance payment can be made according to the payment plan available. For further assistance, please contact Aromahead Institute

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