October 17, 2007

Easy Healthy Weight Loss Program

Dream to have this kind of body? Me, too. If I compare myself to the woman in this picture then maybe it's a long way to go.

I don't really that fat. But I have a big fat belly. that's the most difficult part isn't it?

I have tried all kind of weight loss programs but can't make it through the end. The problem is I can't controlled my appetitte and after lunch I still try to snacking.
That's the reason I say good bye to diet.

But someday I still want to try and finished the program. My dreams is always there, and I still want to achieve it.

Recently I have been browsing around and found a lot of promising weight loss programs. Confuse of what program should I take. So I decide to make my own weight loss program. Haven't give a name yet but here is my plan:

I will skip breakfast. Only drink water. I heard drink water every morning once we get up is good for our body...... This 100% I'm sure I can do it.
Lunch I will eat as usual.... This too.
then try to avoid post lunch dip!!!! Oh... this the most difficult part.
Dinner. Ok I try to eat fruits only.... This I will try my best.
And of course every day I will do some exercises.

That's it! This is my easy healthy weight loss program.

Beside that my Easy healthy weight loss program, I will use Aromatherapy to help me in achieving that kind of body.

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