October 15, 2007

Aphrodisiacs Essential Oils

"If Roses were Black and violets were brown,
My love for you would never be found
Roses are red and violets are blue
All I want to say is I LOVE U!"

Every woman dreams to have a romantic boyfriend, but just a few got it ,right? I am the one who are unlucky.

I never had a romantic dinner. But I wish to have one.

So, if you are just like me ( join to the those unlucky woman) then you can prepare for your romantic dinner.

What do you had to prepare?

Ok first it would be a candle. Light some candles. you can buy them or make them

if you want to make them you can go to http://www.aromatherapy-at-home.com/aromatherapycandles.html for some recipe.

Then place a bowl in a center of table . Fill a bowl with warm water and flower petals such as from roses or geraniums. Add 3 drops of geranium oils and 1 drop of ginger oil to the water. This will give you a sweet and spicy fragrance combination.

And at last a music. Prepare your favorite ones.

All set?






Am I missing something? Yes, read my article about Aphrodisiacs Essential Oils then you are ready to blast on. Good Luck!

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