November 16, 2011

Tattoo healing using essential oils

An aromatologist from Wellington has come up with a different use for her essential oils which until a year ago, she was using to cure a number of ailments including depression and stress; she now also uses them to aid tattoos healing process.

Gillian Parkinson's innovative Tinkture Tattoo After Care is a secret blend of therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils which help tattoos to heal quicker as it aids infection prevention and lessens any pain, bruising and swelling that may occur when a new tattoo have been done.

She developed the solution after trying ineffective aftercare merchandise that were on the market at the time which in fact caused her arm to swell up and bruise all the way down to her wrist.

The next time she had a tattoo done, she was not willing to take any chances and so created her own concoction which she found reduced the initial swelling overnight, did not leave any bruising and healed the tattoo within 10 days which even caused the tattoo artist to be amazed. She then tested it out on a range of people and the positive reviews were the encouragement she needed to begin selling her creation.

Her new product has been so well received that it has even won consumer product category of this year's Grow Wellington Bright Ideas Challenge, which recognizes the top innovative business concepts within that region.

One Tinkture user, Char Hillerby, said that tattoos are becoming more symbolic and meaningful now whereas previously they were just a drunken sailors practice. She spoke of the product highly and complimented the fact that it spreads lightly so it does not irritate when applied. Furthermore, the fact that it is vegan is also very appealing to many people who are now opting for vegan tattoos and vegan aftercare.

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