October 6, 2011

Play Clay from Olive Oil

Ok, Here is what I read.

A non toxic, gluten free clay is now combined with essential oils to make it healthier and yummy!. Mama K's play clay is perfect for children.

The ingredients used by Mama K’s are all natural. The ingredients is gluten free flour, olive oil, essential oils and vegetable colorants.

Mama K’s green play clay is made in seven different flavors: bergamot, cardamom, chamomile, geranium, lavender, lemongrass and sweet orange.

Each of the scents is suitable for aromatherapy effects: soothing, relaxing, tension easing etc.

These basic features make the green play clay first fit for children with either Coeliac disease or Autism disorders, And all it because of two reasons: they don’t contain synthetic ingredients and their aromatherapy effect helps kids concentrate on their games, turns on to a serene attitude, and also encourages them to be creative while playing.

Besides those already mention above, Mama K’s play clay doesn’t make flaky mess, doesn’t stain carpets or clothes (it is very washable), and smells great, at home as well as in the office.

The founder of the company, Mama K’s – aka Kari – has created this product - Mama K' Aromatic Clay having in mind her own three years old daughter, who was subjected to the market’s campaigns for thousands of unhealthy products.

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