October 11, 2011

Get relief from Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain is a common discomfort of women and according to a study it is present in 25 to 29 percent of women.

There are a lot of pain relieving treatments like herbal medicine, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation.

However, a recent study in Korea suggests that menstrual pain can be reduced with the help of famous aromatherapy too.

This study was conducted on Korean school girls to see whether essential oils had any effect on the pain.

The selection criteria for the study were to select a girl having menstrual pain which could be measured on at least six points with a Visual Analogue Scale.
Moreover, the participants did not have any systemic disease or any other kind of disease related to genital organs.

During the experiment volunteers were divided into two groups, one was control group and the second was on which the treatment had to be applied.

The massage was given to the second group once in 24 hours and the level of pain was measured with Visual Analogue Scale before and after massage and after 24 hours.

The ingredients of essential oil and the ratio in which they were used are:
Clary Sage - 1 part
Marjoram - 1 part
Ginger - 1/2 part
Cinnamon - 1-1/2 part
Geranium - 1-1/2 part
All essential oils diluted in Almond oil.

The experiment group was given this massage for ten minutes and the control group was only given acetaminophen. After 24 hours when the pain was measured again the reduction was significant in the experiment group as compared to the control group.

However it is unknown that the effect was achieved from aromatherapy oil or the massage. Or maybe it was an effect of both.

To find this out more clearly further studies should be done. But until any further study is conducted, you can use the above described essential oil to reduce menstrual pain and you will see a significant change in the level of pain.

Aromatherapy has served man kind in almost any kind of disease. It would be a great news for women if menstrual pain could also be cured with it.

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