July 30, 2008

Pamper Your Feet

We’ve been waiting all year for this – hot sun, long days… platform sandals… But we wouldn’t dare to go anywhere in a stacked peep-toe with harshly winter-abused feet. Here are simple, indulgent foot treatment to really get you prepped!

1. Fill your bathtub or dishpan with warm water, adding some detoxifying bath salts to help draw out impurities; or swirl in a few drops of your favorite scented body wash.

To try: Bod Bath Salts Packet - The White Lotus Blend. Bath salts combining frangipani with monoi, a coconut oil infused with gardenia flower used widely by the tahitians, take a bath with these salts and enjoy the luxurious journey

2. Before dipping into the water, grab a super-sloughing body scrub and work it into the feet, concentrating on really dry, calloused areas. Don`t forget the skin around and between the toes! And take your time – allow a few minutes per foot, to really let the scrub do its work.

To try: 100% Pure - Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Body Scrub. For all skin types. Minty, body tingling body scrub made with organic Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils to refresh and invigorate. Organic seaweeds,Rosehip Oil, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Cabernet, Grapeseed Oil and Green Tea Oil moisturize,nourish, and leave skin healthy and glowing.

3. The most essential step: get those toes in the water, and relax! We spend so much time on our feet, they really deserve some pampering. Now that your feet have been buffed and moisturized, they`ll be coming back to life. Take 5!

To Try: Foot Recovery Gel. VitaMan’s Foot Recovery Gel has the natural ingredients of Grass Lily Extract, Tea Tree and Menthol are combined in this light soothing foot Gel to help cool and soothe tired hot feet. Softens and soothes cracked skin and eliminates foot odor caused by bacteria.

This gel is also anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial to prevent or eliminate foot odor and fungal problems.

source article from upurea.

To know what essential oils that are good for feet, click here

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