March 22, 2012

Uses for Rosemary Oil To Boost Our Performance Proven By Research

Rosemary is scientifically known as Rosmarinus Officinalis. It is now under research and has been found that the rosemary oil improves cognitive performance..

It is found that if you sniff rosemary aromatherapy oil you will feel more satisfied and there will be improvement in your performance. This research is done in Great Britain - in the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research center at Northumbria University, UK.

20 participants of age 20 years were taken for the study. They kept the rosemary aromatherapy oil in their desk so that they will not feel that they are deliberately exposed to the scent. This is done for 4 to 10 minutes.

These participants were asked to solve simple subtractions and more complicated subtractions and find number patterns in the computer after they were exposed to the scent of the oil. They even did a mood questionnaire and a blood test was also conducted.

The participants who took the scent for lesser time appeared less content. The study also proved that there is no connection between the oil and feeling alert, calm or pleasant which are the other types of moods under study.

Those who are exposed to the scent for more time solved the basic mathematical questions in less than 2 minutes. They did not show any difference in answering the complicated subtractions or the number patterns as compared to those who are exposed for a lesser time.

They used speed and accuracy tests and mood valuations to identify the effects of rosemary oil. They took blood samples to find out the amount of 1,8 Cineole they captivated.

The research said that if they smelled the oil for longer time there are more amounts of 1,8 Cineole, a chemical compound in their blood samples which is normally present in aromatherapy oils.

The results what they obtained show that the amount of this chemical compound has a lot to do with the reasoning ability of the individuals. The results showed an improvement in the performance with higher levels of the compound. It is found that both speed and accuracy improved writing off the actual relationship between speed and accuracy.

It is also found that the chemical had an effect on the mood though not so significant. It has improved the contentment levels of the individual. The compounds of the rosemary essential oil have a significant effect on the personal state and the reasoning ability of the individual by working in varying neurochemical pathways.

They found that the oil however did not have any effect on the alertness or attention of the individual.

Nasal or lung mucosa help the Terpenes like 1, 8 Cineole to enter the blood stream in the form of organic molecules which are soluble in fat. These can easily cut across the blood brain barricade.

This chemical compound in volatile state is found in many plants which are aromatic.

These comprise of eucalyptus, bay, wormwood and sage besides rosemary. This compound is under study by many researchers to find out whether it prevents the enzymes called acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase which are essential for brain and central nervous system neurochemistry.

It is also being studied to find out whether the components of rosemary stop the breakdown of neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

In the words of the research scientist Moss it is said that there is an important relationship between only contentedness and 1,8 Cineole levels.

Based on the reasoning performances of the individuals it is interesting to know that only positive moods can improve performance and not aroused moods.

Rosemary essential oil consists of 35 to 40 percent of 1,8 Cineole which has straight pharmacological characteristics.

The blood samples which are tested for this compound can also be used as an indicator for comparative levels of other compounds of rosemary oil like rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid which are usually present in lesser quantities.

This study is too small to draw inferences and cannot be told how noteworthy these results are. But it can be satisfactorily believed that rosemary aromatherapy oils will set our mood to content.

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