December 20, 2011

Aroma Home Cuddle

If you love cuddling soft toys and aromatherapy then this is perfect for you. The price is just $15.80 and is reasonable for such a lovely toy.

Here are the reasons why you should have it:
  • The hippo looks so cute and instantly attracts kids to hug it.
  • The tummy can be removed and kept in the microwave for having a warm cuddle. This is really helpful when you become cold and immediately need warmth especially in winter time.
  • The lavender scent makes this soft toys is very pleasant to cuddle and calms naturally.

Aroma Home Cuddle available in other types such as Bunny, Giraffe, Lion, Bear and Gorilla.

December 9, 2011

Christmas Aromatic Scents

Nothing induces special memories like a special scent. Whether it’s the pine from a fresh Christmas tree, your grandmother’s freshly made spice Bundt cake, or great wine, the scents of the holidays are very special.

To have a festive fragrance in your home, one of the easy way is to have a Scented candles. They come in as many Christmas fragrances as you can think of. Potpourri in a decorative dish is a very easy way to add that seasonal feeling to a room. Or how about a homemade orange and clove pomander ball to add fragrance to your home?

Make this holiday season a festive season to remember with a warmly scented home that will put everyone in a holiday mood. The following article will guide you on some great fragrance oil ideas for the holidays that represent some of the wonderful scents of Christmas.

It’s about to smell a lot like Christmas with this article…!

The first suggestion that we have as a scent for the holidays is a mix of spices and floral scents. Spices and floral scents give the brain the illusion that the environment around them is lighter, therefore making the guests who smell this scent feel lighter than they actually are. Get a scented candle that has a mix of spices and floral infused into it. As an example, a candle that has a combination of natural lily of the valley scent with a drop of cinnamon oil infused into it and place it in a place where there will be many people gathered.

The second scent suggestion that we have is jasmine. Jasmine battles depression and increases confidence. If you choose to use jasmine as the scent in your home, not only will your home smell crisp, but your guests will feel happy and confident and not gloomy and negative when at your gathering. Get a candle that only has the jasmine scent infused on it. Or, as an alternative, you can burn some jasmine incense or diffuse some jasmine essential oil into the air where your guests will gather around.

Another scent to try this holiday season is the classic chocolate scent. Chocolate scent induces happy feelings in people. Get a candle that has a strong chocolate scent. If you choose chocolate as the scent for your home, not only will you create a warm environment, but your guests will also be happier, giving way for more joy and laughter.
There is Spirit Aroma Oil, an aroma oil which blends for the purpose of ritual used. Good for meditation, yoga and etc. The scent is cool, uplifting combine with earthy base. Made from Cedarwood, fir needle, cypress, sweet marjoram and lavender. If you need more traditional scents then try northern forest candle made from 3 favorite Christmas essential oils, fir needle, spruce and cedarwood. And A christmas morning blend will bring back your childhood memory.

And so there are the best scent suggestions for the holidays. Choose the aromatic scent that will set the mood for your gathering and your guests. Not only do they leave your home smelling great, but they are also warm and welcoming. So no matter which of the above scents you decide to use, your guests will definitely feel welcomed and enjoy their time at your gathering.
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