April 19, 2011

Mission – Earth!

Did any of us know that like any human being who pampers and loves to be pampered by various means like spa treatment, massages, sauna/steam bath, health check-ups etc so does our mother earth too? Why is it that all of a sudden there has been a huge hype about Green World/Save Earth, etc? It is because we owe a lot to our mother earth at the cost of which we have been fulfilling all our needs and desires.

United States first founded this Earth day with the intentions of inspiring awareness and appreciation amongst the people for the Earth’s Natural environment which was degraded day by day by us. Environmental disaster gave birth to this day. The harm our generation would cause will be more dramatic if we don’t start working towards our mission.

One morning I goggled up 'what other people might be doing?’ Here's what I found ….

The mission to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement worldwide has already seen its positive vibrations.

• Twelve world class Olympians have explained their choice of lifestyle to make their life more sustainable
• Aromatherapy is creating a heroic effect in our day to day life by being an integral part of our life. Supporters of this understand that a lot of plants go into making a small quantity of essential oils and so they have started doing their part of work.

Steps taken by Aroma therapist to Save Earth:

• Sensible usage of essential oils (small in quantity itself acts more)
• Avoid the usage of genetically-modified and synthetic substitutes
• Diluted usage of essential oils as undiluted one’s are harmful for both human body and mother earth (wastage of resource)
• No usage of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or preservatives
• Herbs used are ethically wild crafted i.e. ingredients are gathered in wild rather than grown in farm
• The essences are Biodynamic ally farmed

Millions have Pledged to save our Earth, What will you do?

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