October 17, 2007

Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The aroma diffusers are used to help get essential oils into the air faster and spread it in the room better. This enables you to use them as you breathe in the wonderful aromas.

Aromatherapy diffusers come is many different shapes, colors and styles, and you will find that some will require either an open flame or electricity to work well. Let’s see what we can learn about aroma diffusers and how they will increase your enjoyment of your essential oils collection!

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Easy Healthy Weight Loss Program

Dream to have this kind of body? Me, too. If I compare myself to the woman in this picture then maybe it's a long way to go.

I don't really that fat. But I have a big fat belly. that's the most difficult part isn't it?

I have tried all kind of weight loss programs but can't make it through the end. The problem is I can't controlled my appetitte and after lunch I still try to snacking.
That's the reason I say good bye to diet.

But someday I still want to try and finished the program. My dreams is always there, and I still want to achieve it.

Recently I have been browsing around and found a lot of promising weight loss programs. Confuse of what program should I take. So I decide to make my own weight loss program. Haven't give a name yet but here is my plan:

I will skip breakfast. Only drink water. I heard drink water every morning once we get up is good for our body...... This 100% I'm sure I can do it.
Lunch I will eat as usual.... This too.
then try to avoid post lunch dip!!!! Oh... this the most difficult part.
Dinner. Ok I try to eat fruits only.... This I will try my best.
And of course every day I will do some exercises.

That's it! This is my easy healthy weight loss program.

Beside that my Easy healthy weight loss program, I will use Aromatherapy to help me in achieving that kind of body.

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October 16, 2007

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

If you want to get started with aromatherapy, of course, you should know about aromatherapy essential oils.

Aromatherapy essential oils is just not an oils with a plant's fragrance but an oil which has therapeutic benefit. That's why, buying pure essential oils is very crucial when you want to use essential oils for treatment.

Some important things you should know when dealing with aromatherapy essential oils are :

1. How to buy pure essential oils. Get your tips here. Where to find essential oils? Just follow this link.

2. How to store your essential oils. Storage essential oils

3. How to choose which oils best for you. Get to know each of essential oil's profiles.

4. And last, Health safety when using essential oils.

Already know all this 4 items? Good!

"Welcome to the World of Aromatherapy"

More on Aroma Notes and what are the difference between each type of essential oils.
Link to Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Lavender Bath

October should be a rainy season in my country but I don't know why it's been so hot lately. Maybe it has something to do with global warming. And that's the thing I don't know how to fix it.

The only thing I know that I will have a cold shower.

As you know that my garden full of lavender. I want to use it for my bath.

Here is my recipe:

Boil a couple of handfuls of dried lavender flower and put them in a gallon jar. leave it there for an hour. That's it. Ready to use.

Aromatherapy and Colds

Colds and flu have myriad symptoms from low energy to fever, exhaustion, aches, sore throats, cough and cold.

What do I do when I am having cold?

I will add a 2 drops of eucalyptus oil into a cup of hot water and try to inhale it to clear my nasal passage.

I will drink herbal tea.

Try lemon and ginger tea with honey. Slice ginger root and immersed in a boiling water. Add a drop of fresh squuezed lemon and leave it for 5 min. Add a teaspoon of honey to soothe sore throat.

I will take herbal supplement, echinacea.

Fragrance Sachet

My lavenders are blooming.

I have a lot of dried lavender from my garden so I planned to make a fragrance sachet to put in my drawers, my closet and every where in my home.

Lavender is just a wonderful flower. If I only had one plant in my garden that would be lavender. I am falling in love with it.

The smell so soft and the flower so beautiful....

Can't wait to have them around the house.

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October 15, 2007

Aphrodisiacs Essential Oils

"If Roses were Black and violets were brown,
My love for you would never be found
Roses are red and violets are blue
All I want to say is I LOVE U!"

Every woman dreams to have a romantic boyfriend, but just a few got it ,right? I am the one who are unlucky.

I never had a romantic dinner. But I wish to have one.

So, if you are just like me ( join to the those unlucky woman) then you can prepare for your romantic dinner.

What do you had to prepare?

Ok first it would be a candle. Light some candles. you can buy them or make them

if you want to make them you can go to http://www.aromatherapy-at-home.com/aromatherapycandles.html for some recipe.

Then place a bowl in a center of table . Fill a bowl with warm water and flower petals such as from roses or geraniums. Add 3 drops of geranium oils and 1 drop of ginger oil to the water. This will give you a sweet and spicy fragrance combination.

And at last a music. Prepare your favorite ones.

All set?






Am I missing something? Yes, read my article about Aphrodisiacs Essential Oils then you are ready to blast on. Good Luck!

Welcome to Aromatherapy-at-home.blogspot.com

Welcome to Aromatherapy-at-home.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Liani Widjaja. I am proud to be a blogger family. I never had a blog before. So this is my first blog.

I made this blog as an additional to my website http://www.aromatherapy-at-home.com. Site that contain information on using aromatherapy on your home. By knowing which is the right essential oils you'll be able to get the benefit of aromatherapy.

This blog will contain some article from my site, my daily life journal and my hobby.
Beside research and studying aromatherapy and essential oils, I also have other hobby such as gardening, watching movies and listening to the music.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will find useful information here.

I can't wait to write my first posting. Blogger, Here I come!

"FRIENDS are like stars
You do not ALWAYS SEE them
But you know they are always there!.."

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