September 3, 2009

Migraine in women and its treatment through aromatherapy

Working women are more sustaining more stressful life than men. It is a very true because not only women have to manage the office works but also they have to take caring of their family while being in the home. It is obviously very hard to manage the file and paper works in office and children at a time. So women are the most common prey of migraine.

What is migraine and what are its symptoms?

Migraine is a kind of headache which has broader effect than the normal headache. Generally, people get confused and correlate headache and migraine in the same category but it is not like that. Headaches are somewhat related to tension type which remains for a shorter period but migraine has a high lethal effect and longevity than the normal headaches. Migraine attack consist of five phases namely, prodrome phase, aura phase, pain or headache phase, resolution phase and postdrome phase.

Prodrome phase is the most common one and almost half of the migraineurs are affected by it. Long time headache, nausea, loss in appetite, muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea and many more are the common symptoms of it.
In the case of aura phase, people suffer with neurological imbalances in the body. There will be also disturbances in vision and migraineurs generally see flashing lights, dazzling zigzag lines. Almost 20% of the all migraine victims are suffering with this.

During headache phase, severe head pain will arise which can’t be bearable. It occurs in one side of the brain and includes abnormal, distressing sensitivity to light. Abdominal pain, trembling, cold sweats diarrhea or poor balances are the other effects of it.

After the headache phase, resolution phase starts and remain there for several hours.

At the end the hangover phase or postdrome phase occurs. It will remain for several hours. During its attack, migraine victim feel tired. They can even face muscle aching and irritability too.

Treatment of migraine by aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, it is an alternate treatment for headache and migraine sufferers. This methodology use concentrated oils especially essential oils that are extracted from plants. A blend of the right oils in the right proportions will help to get ridding of these symptoms. The fresh scents of plants are very accurate in giving relief during migraine.

During migraine and headache the best possible essential oil is peppermint oil. It can work very effectively during nausea and can be used in conjunction too. For using peppermint oil, you need to dilute it with carrier oil like almond or jojoba. After the dilution, massage your forehead and back of your neck with the oil. You can even inhale the oil with the help of a diffuser for quick relief.

If you are in very much trouble due to headache then you can spray some rose oil over your face for instant relief. You even use Lavender oil during intense migraine. All you need to do is to take a warm bath with few drops of lavender oil in it. Lavender oil is having a lethal effect over stress and anxiety.
You can prepare the essential blend by yourself and it’s not very difficult to do that. Just choose the carrier oil that suits your skin most. Then choose the essential oils(s) based on the symptom. Thoroughly mix the both oils and place it in a brown or blue bottle. Give a gentle shake and keep it in cool place.


So thus we have seen the effects of migraine and an alternative way of its treatment by using aromatherapy. The uses of essential oils can really make a big difference in healing process but one should take care of few things. If you are pregnant or are undergoing medical treatment then avoid the uses of essential oils. Some migraine victims are very acute sensitive to odors and touch, so for them aromatherapy is not prescribed. But anyways it is one of the best alternate treatments and has showed some excellent results.

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