June 15, 2008

Why Would You Use Therapeutic Essential Oils?

When I first experienced therapeutic essential oils few years ago, I had this
feeling that this was just right for me.

Before, I was somewhat "unexperienced" --- use essential oils only to make my room fragrance.

I never learned much else to do with these essential oils, and I was warned not to put it on my body without diluting it. I intend not to put it on my body neither to swallow it.

It wasn't until I learned about therapeutic essential oils when I was reading a book called "Aromatherapy an A-Z" By Patricia Davis. From that I was able to have a true appreciation for what essential oils can do for me.

Learning that there are many different kind of essential oils, makes me aware when buying essential oils. When I started to use therapeutic essential oils I had very positive experiences right away. I just felt better.

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