April 26, 2008

Tips to make essential oils last longer

If essential oils are store in a correct manner they should last up to 2 years. What can you do to make your essential oils last longer? Here are a few tips:

Proper storage will make essential oils last longer. A dark brown or black type of glass bottle which should be tight enough to keep air out will help it last longer, as well as being kept in a place with very low light, and not a lot of heat. Find more tips on storing essential oils.

Top note essential oils generally evaporate usually within 1-2 hours. Middle notes for 2-4 hours and base notes tend to last longest, some for up to a few days. My suggestion is when blending the essential oils blend only a small amount or as you needed. This way you want waste your pure essential oils. Which oils is the base note? Find your answer here

Essential oils should not be kept for more than one year. If you do not use them quickly, you risk having the oils change fragrance and possibly turning rancid. Keeping essential oils in the refrigerator. This helps to slow down the chances of the oils turning rancid.

Always buy good quality essential oils. If you buy good quality, it will last longer.

For citrus oils you should use it within 6 months of purchase or one year if kept cool.

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