March 30, 2008

Essential oils for Respiratory System

Essential oils can be very effectively when used to treat problems in the respiratory tract. Many of the most useful oils such as eucalyptus, have a powerful vapour that when inhaled help to ease muscousy deposits out of the chest and loosen cough to make them more productive. Other, gentler oils deepen the breathing and ease spasm in the respiratory passages.

Method of using essential oils for respiratory are varied in order to achieve the best result. Vaporizers, either electrical or non can be placed in your home or workplace as a useful decongestant oils. Bath are very useful for night time treatment. Chest rub are applied to chest morning and evening to help breathing and ease congestion. And Foot bath can also help you with shiver and chills problems.

Tips for proper inhalation using essential oils for respiratory problems :

1. Lean over a bowl of boiling water with head under a towel, and breathe deep.

2. It's possible to buy vapourizing cups with a mask attachment, which makes the whole process simpler and less messy.

3. Steam from the boiling water can scald the respiratory tract so always let the water cool for a minute or two.

4. Inhalation are not advised for asthamtics asthma because the vapour are too intnese.

5. Remove glasses or contact lenses.

6. Lift the towel occasionally to aid breathing.

Essential oils for respiratory system are used to aid respiratory problems such as bronchitis, cold and flu, pneumonia, and asthma. Learn More >>>>>

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